It’s that time of year again…

For me to attempt Nanowrimo for the fifth year and hopefully actually win! I have an idea, relatively well-developed, that I really, really care about. I’ve never been so busy in my life but I’ve also never been more excited to write so I’m feeling good about this one!

I want my novel to fall under LGBTQ literary fiction. Brief: A woman plans her sister’s lesbian wedding while struggling with her own bisexuality, relationships, and identity. Playing with elements of synesthesia and perception of ourselves.

Feel free to add me if you’re participating yourself. What books are you guys trying to write?


2 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again…

    1. Yeah! It’s a daunting endeavor for sure, but that’s the point! I write flash fiction so I’m used to writing a page and being done, and even then I give up a lot. It’s hard for me to commit to an idea and just WRITE instead of doubting myself, and that’s what Nano helps with. Good luck!

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