My Reading of “Napkin Notes”

My Reading of “Napkin Notes”

Superstition Review’s podcast of my reading of “Napkin Notes to my Bartender” is out! You can read along here.

“Carving a Memory” Art

The art I wanted to create for Amanda Nicole Corbin’s Carving a Memory was the last sentence of the piece, which kind of knocks the wind out of you and hammers the piece home. Obviously, this wouldn’t be a good plan, so I decided to go with Raymond Babbit in his cage.

-David Simmer II, artist of my piece “Carving a Memory” over at Thrice Fiction Magazine. Read his post here.

You can’t always get what you want

Some days I just wake up with a negative attitude towards the reality of writing & the state of the publishing world–between school, time, creative energies, networking, luck, what have you.

And then there are days where that is repaired by a. deciding not to give a shit b. distracting myself with my other accomplishments (note: cleaning, graduating, etc.) or c. getting another acceptance letter. Sometimes, it’s all of them & it’s awesome.

Just remember there’s more to life than writing, but that writing is also life, regardless of who approves or publishes your writing. You do it for you, not for any other reason, but you’ll get what you need.

NaNoWriMo & More

I have been gone in a writing/school coma for the past month but I live again! And I actually “won” NaNo for the first time! Over 50,000 words in a month, though the narrative is nowhere near complete. That means it’s time for a break and to go back to focusing on my flash fictioning! I have a few pubs coming out this month as well–really excited about that.

Lastly, in my student teaching I get the opportunity to take over a publications & creative writing class. How perfect is that? Hope I can make some differences with my students. Granted, my experience with my own magazine, Pure Coincidence, should serve me well! In fact, our submissions for the first issue close in just a few weeks so make sure you submit your flash fiction, prose poetry, & art1!

Anyway, how are you all? Anyone else “win” NaNo? If so, do you have plans for your story?