By the Bone Notre Dame Review (Print Only)

The Inanimate Object that You Are Open Minds Quarterly (Print; Winter 2018)

The Taste of Blood and Oak Ginosko Literary Journal (Print Only)

Koinonikos NANO Fiction

Napkin Notes to My Bartender Superstition Review: Arizona State University

Carving a Memory Thrice Fiction

The Rate of Transplantation Columbia College Literary Review (Print Only)

The Crickets Got Out Thin Air Magazine: Northern Arizona University (Print Only)

Local Volcanism Ellipsis Magazine (Print Only)

Off the Coast Dewpoint: University of Alabama (Print Only)

Dermis & Dendrochronology decomP (with Podcast)

Overdone Paper Nautilus (Print Only)

The Pinch The Vehicle: Eastern Illinois University

Ripping Ellipsis: Westminster College (Page 17)

Bucket List Apex Caliente #3

The Baker’s Husband Boston Literary Magazine

What Hurts the Most Boston Literary Magazine

Backwards Exposure Mock Orange Magazine (Print Only)

Lonesome Dove Nailpolish Stories

Black Star Nailpolish Stories

Appropriate Attire Grasslimb Journal (Print Only)



2 thoughts on “Publications

  1. Hi Amanda,
    I’m one of this year’s fiction editors for Thin Air magazine, and I’ll be reading your piece “The Crickets Got Out” tonight at a reading focused on Thin Air publications. If you would like to repost anything on your social media accounts, please do! You can follow Thin Air on Instagram and Twitter. Thank you for submitting your piece to Thin Air. It’s beautiful.

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